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Turning Tool

Brand: Jinzhao
Grade: YBC251, YBC252, YBC351
Material: Tungsten carbide
Certification: ISO 9001
Place of Origin: Hebei China
MOQ : 100 PCS
Price : FOB $1.5-15.5 per piece
Payment Terms: T/T, West union
Supply Ability: 99999pieces/month
Delivery Time: 5-20 days
Packaging: plastic box, carton box 375*220*150mm



The cutting part of the turning tool consists of the main cutting edge, the auxiliary cutting edge, the front, the rear and the rear of the auxiliary cutting edge.


Turning tool
The type of the front of the turning tool is mainly determined by the nature of the workpiece material and the tool material. The negative rake angle plane type is suitable for carbide turning tools for processing high strength steel and rough cutting steel castings. The chamfered plane type is a carbide turning tool with negative chamfered edges grinded on the positive front corner plane to improve the cutting edge strength, which is suitable for processing cast iron and general steel. For turning tools requiring chip breaking, a circular arc with negative chamfering can be used, or a chip breaking table can be grinded on the front of the planar type.

Turning tools can be divided into cylindrical, shoulder, end face, grooving, cutting, threading and forming turning tools. There are also turning tools for automatic line and digital control machine tools.

Turning tool or lathe tool is a tool mounted on a lathe for cutting metal materials. The turning tools are divided into high-speed steel turning tools, ceramic turning tools, carbide turning tools, cubic boron nitride turning tools, etc.


Grade Application
YBC151 High wear resistance of the matrix and MT-TiCN, thick Al₂O₃and TiN coating.
YBC152 Thick TiCN and Al₂O₃ coating
YBC251 Tough matrix of good edge security and MT-TiCN, thick Al₂O₃ and TiN coating.
YBC252 Tough matrix of good edge security and MT-TiCN, thick Al₂O₃ and TiN coating.
YBC351 Tough matrix of good edge security and MT-TiCN, thick Al₂O₃ and TiN coating.
YBG102 nc-TiAN coating and fine-grained matrix.
YBG201 PVD coating
YBG205 Added abrasion resistance and high temperature rare elements ultrafine TiAlN based nano-coating. High layer hardness and excellent resistance to high temperature provide effective protection for the cutting edge.
YBG302 nc-TiAN coating and flexible cemented carbide matrix.
YBM151 Special organizational structure and TiCN, thinAl₂O₃ and TiN coating.
YBM251 Good toughness and strength matrix and TiCN, thin Al₂O₃ and TiN coating.
YBM253 With the advance extra fine grain nanometer coating technology, match up with the high toughness gradient matrix.
YBD052 CVD coating(extra thick Al₂O₃ & thick TiCN), hard matrix.
YBD102 CVD coating (thick Al₂O₃ & thick TiCN) , hard matrix.
YBD152 CVD coating (thick Al₂O₃ & thick TiCN), hard matrix, it is anti-stripping.
YBD252 CVD coating (middle thick Al₂O₃ & thick TiCN), hard matrix.
YNG151 Uniform particle refining organizational ceramal alloy, homogenizing organizational & ring form phase structure, Strengthen bond phase,grain boundary composition design.
YNG151C Physics weather deposit (PVD) coating, high toughness ceramal matrix.
YD101 Fine particle hardness phase WC and bond phase Co.
YD201 Middle particle hardness phase WC and bond phase Co.



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