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Tungsten Carbide Saw Blade

Brand: Jinzhao
Type: Ф10-Ф1000
Certification: ISO 9001
Place of Origin: Hebei China
Price: FOB $1-200 per piece
Payment Terms: T/T, West union
Supply Ability: 99999 pieces/month
Delivery Time: 5-10 days
Packaging: plastic box, carton box 600*600*500mm


The tooth shape, Angle, number of teeth, blade thickness, blade diameter and type of cemented carbide are the main parameters that determine the machining and cutting performance of the saw blade. Correct selection of blade parameters as required.

Tooth shape, commonly used tooth shape has flat teeth, oblique teeth, trapezoidal teeth, inverted trapezoidal teeth and so on. The most widely used flat teeth, mainly used for ordinary wood sawing, this tooth shape is relatively simple, saw mouth is relatively rough, in the process of grooving operation flat teeth can make groove bottom flat. Miter saw blade is of good quality, suitable for cutting all kinds of wood-based panels and sticking panels. Trapezoidal teeth are suitable for sawing and fireproofing plate. Inverted trapezoidal teeth are often used in bottom slot saw blades.

Theoretically, we want the saw blade to be as thin as possible. The thickness of the saw blade is determined by the material of the saw board and the manufacturing process of the saw blade. The stability of saw blade and sawing material should be considered when selecting the thickness of saw blade.

The diameter of the saw blade is related to the sawing equipment used and the thickness of the sawing workpiece. Saw blade diameter is small, cutting speed is relatively low; Large diameter saw blade, saw blade and saw cutting equipment requirements, saw cutting efficiency is high.

A series of parameters such as tooth shape, Angle, tooth number, thickness, diameter and type of tungsten carbide are integrated to form a complete tungsten carbide saw blade.


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